Malka Spigel - Every Day Is Like The First Day

Every Day Is Like The First Day

Malka Spigel

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Malka Spigel - Every Day Is Like The First Day

Malka's first solo album for 14 years - released on Sept 03 2012. The album was made by Malka & Colin during 2011 and early 2012 featuring a well heeled and diverse set of guests ranging from Alexander Balanescu to Johnny Marr (see the full list and read the press release at

This album is available in 3 flavours, all priced the same - the plain "vanilla" digi-packed one, the special edition version with a 28 page booklet containing album lyrics and Malka images, and the super special mail order only version which also includes a small original signed print of one of Malka's images. Each of the 100 images is different. The first 200 orders will secure the booklet version and of those the first 100 will get the super special version.



CD Album (WM-70)
  1. Malka Spigel - Ammonite
  2. Malka Spigel - Every Day Is Like The First Day
  3. Malka Spigel - Lost in Sound
  4. Malka Spigel - See It Sideways
  5. Malka Spigel - European Weather
  6. Malka Spigel - Dream Time
  7. Malka Spigel - Finding You
  8. Malka Spigel - No More Running
  9. Malka Spigel - Chasing Shadows
  10. Malka Spigel - Back In The Old City
  11. Malka Spigel - Two Dimensions In A Single Frame
  12. Malka Spigel - After The Rain